For International menbers

This market “Meikyo” is the biggest one in Japan.


This market is evaluated as a biggest professional market for the precious wood in Japan.

So a lot of log wood and solid wood board get together from all of Japan.

Now the distribution volume become the biggest in Japan.


But in this market you can't buy directly, because it's only for the registered member.

We can show around the market with you and buy what you need.

If you want to come and buy something, please let us know at first.

Contact address is


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2016/8/4-6  We will participate in the MUKU DESIGN FAIR held in the head office.

2015/12/10-12        The Eco Products 2015 held in japan 출전합니다

2015/9/2-4           An exhibition held in Singapore 출전합니다

2015/9/3-6              An exhibition held in Busan 출전합니다    

2015/9/14-16          An exhibition held in Guangzhou 출전합니다

This movie is our company introduction.

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